Login issues

Modified on Thu, 29 Sep 2022 at 08:28 AM

Please note ticking the Terms of use agreement checkbox is required to allow any login:



Authentication issue

Once connected to a hotspot, the captive portal will appear and allow you to introduce your credentials to log in (if it doesn't, open your browser and type any URL, e.g. www.msn.com).

In order to avoid any authentication reject, please pay attention to these tips:

1. Username:

      • type it in lowercase
      • do not use the copy/paste function
      • do not use the field autocomplete function
      • do not to leave any space before or after the username

2. Password: 

      • do not use the copy/paste function
      • do not use the field autocomplete function
      • do not to leave any space before or after the username


  • Credentials for Pass customers correspond to the email address and password used for the pass purchase
  • Credentials for Sharing members are available here


Too many open sessions


This error message appears when:

  • you use multiple devices simultaneously or consecutively: there's a 15-20mn time lag between you can switch from a device or hotspot to another, using the same user account
  • you use the Fon for Members app with the auto-connect option activated: disable it and close the app
  • a third party is using your credentials: we suggest that you modify your password
  • you are experiencing an issue with your browser cookies: disconnect from the signal and remove it from your list of available networks, delete all cookies and temp files, close all browser windows, and try again


Hotspot overload


This error message appears when too many users are connected to a given hotspot at the same time. Unfortunately, nothing can be done in this case except wait for the hotspot traffic to decrease, or simply relocate to detect an alternative (less busy) hotspot



There is no logout option. To disconnect from a hotspot, simply disconnect from the WiFi signal or switch off your device. It is important to consider though that your connection time will keep running, and anytime you'll need to connect back you'll need to insert your credentials.


Difference between BT Wi-fi and BTWiFi-with-Fon

BT Fon and BT Openzone hotspots are now under one roof called BT Wi-fi. In order to simplify the branding, we changed BT Openzone to BT Wi-fi and BT Fon to BTWiFi-with-Fon.

BT Wi-fi (formerly BT Openzone) is a premium wireless service independent from the Fon network, with hotspots in airports, hotels, stations and businesses around the UK.

Fon passes bought by non-members are only valid at BTWiFi-with-Fon hotspots, and can't be used on premium BT Wi-fi hotspots.



Non-payment notice


Should you obtain the above message after trying to access a SFR WiFi FON signal, please note that it is generated by SFR to remind the owner of the router creating the hotspot you're trying to use, that their service was suspended for unpaid invoices. Consequently, apart from affecting their own service it affects all users who'd like to use that hotspot.

In this situation, we could only recommend to:

  • relocate to detect and connect to an alternative hotspot
  • wait for the service to come back to normal (note that we are not aware of when this will be)

In case you have passes available on your account, please note that you will be able to use them during a year following the date of purchase. However, if none of the alternatives offered above suit you, please submit a ticket to our Customer support team providing your user account email to request the corresponding compensation/refund, if applicable.

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