How do I cancel my subscription?

Access the "Your Account" screen in EveryFi and click the button to manage the subscription. Follow the instructions in your App Store to unsubscribe. The subscription will be terminated when the current billing cycle ends, and we will not charge again for its renewal.

To cancel your monthly EveryFi subscription, you have two options: directly from the application tab in Google Play for Androad or from the subscription tab in Google Wallet, where you will see a list of all your subscriptions:

1. Access;

2. Select "Invoices and accounts";

3. Select the subscription you want to cancel and click unsubscribe. All done!

Important: If you install the app, your subscription will not cancel automatically. You need to cancel the subscription to terminate it. Otherwise, the monthly subscription charge will continue to be taken from your account, even if the app is no longer installed in your device.

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