How to get support

Fon offers a complete self-service support option defined as Help center, accessible from anywhere anytime as long as you are connected to a Fon Spot. And if you cannot find an answer, you will be able to get in touch with our Customer support team.

Support is provided Monday to Friday*, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (GMT+1), and through the following channels exclusively:

  • Ticket support: submit your request from our Help center at (to which you can attach documents to add details, such as screenshots and HAR files) creating a support ticket. You will receive a confirmation email that your ticket was created. An answer will be provided by email, or you can also log in to your support userzone to check the status of your inquiry. A follow-up of solved tickets can also be created. 
  • Twitter: submit your request through Fon Customer Care Twitter account (@FonCare). To avoid the character limitation of public mentions, you will be prompted to follow us and continue the communication via Direct message. There you will also find product and services updates, and tips and tricks.

* Excluding Spanish public holidays (Jan 6th, Mar 20th, Apr 13th and 14th, May 1st, 2nd and 15th, Aug 15th, Oct 12th, Nov 1st and 9th, Dec 6th, 8th and 25th), when the Customer support team will respond to your email upon their return.


Help center

Whenever you are connected to a Fon Spot and require assistance, you can click on the support link provided on the captive portal (location on-screen can vary depending on the network). The example here applies to BTWiFi-with-Fon network:

You will instantly be redirected to our Help center and be able to start looking for the information needed.

Fon Help center is composed of 3 main categories, to support 3 different products/services:

  1. Access network
  2. Fonera
  3. Fonera for Business


1. Access network

This category explains in details how to connect to our network in all the countries where Fon is operating, depending on your user profile. Indeed, connection details/instructions are different whether you are a pass/promocode user, a Fon WiFi app user or a Sharing member. The troubleshooting section provides tips in order to avoid/solve common issues.

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2. Fonera

This category is addressed to owners of a Fonera. The sale of Fonera was terminated in November 2015, but support contents such as installation/configuration instructions are still available for Fonera model FON2412 as all units are covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of receipt of the product. Owners of older models will have access to manuals only.

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3. Fonera for Business

This category is addressed to owners of a Fonera for Business. Please note that this product is not a subtitute for a regular Fonera (no free roaming rights on the Fon network), Fon for Business is a B2C WiFi solution. The user guide provided offers complete guidelines to install/configure the router, and start using the service. The troubleshooting section provides tips in order to avoid/solve common issues.

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Creation and follow up of a support ticket

If you cannot find an answer, you can also submit a request to our Customer support team creating a ticket, clicking on the orange "Submit a ticket" link at the top right corner of any category, section or article page view.

Fill in the form that appears after clicking the link, providing as many details as possible about your profile and account (email address), situation (network name, country), device (model, operating system), and the nature of your problem (payment issue, connectivity issue, etc.). Attachments such as screenshots can also be added to your inquiry.

Once you submit your inquiry, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address previously introduced in the field "Your email address", with information about response times for example.

Tickets have a 3 stage life cycle, as described below:

  • Open: this status is assigned to your ticket when it is created and awaiting for an agent to provide an answer.
  • Awaiting your reply: this status is assigned to your ticket when an agent has provided a reply and is awaiting for you to read it, and if necessary, to answer it.
  • Solved: this status is applied to your ticket when you did not provide an answer to the agent, considering the issue does not require your attention any longer. 

If the reason why you did not provide an answer to the agent was only due to a lack of time, or you wish to update the ticket with additional information, you can still create a follow up of the ticket

To do so, click on the ticket you wish to update and on the link "Create a follow-up" at the bottom right of the ticket.

Then, select the form that applies to your situation:

  • Connecting: for inquiries related to the access to the Fon network
  • Fon members: for inquiries related to the ownership of a Fonera
  • WiFi for Business: for inquiries related to the Fonera for Business service

Finally, complete the remaining fields and click on the "Submit" button.

The follow-up of your request has been successfully sent to our Customer support team. You can edit the ticket at any time if needed.

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