I have an old Fonera. Where can I find support documentation?

An old Fonera is a Fonera which warranty has expired. As a reminder, any Fonera bought through your online shop was covered by a 2-year warranty, starting the date of reception of the product.

In such situation, Fon support team will be able to provide you with assistance (in English only) exclusively in relation with the registration of your Fonera.

For any technical issue or informative request, we invite you to refer to the documentation corresponding to your Fonera model (if available).

Fon support team will not be able to provide you with further assistance, including troubleshooting.


Documentation available for:

Note: Models FON2412, FON2405, FON2201 and FON2100/2200 have similar configuration, so we invite you to check all the documentation even if it's not dedicated to the Fonera model you own.


Other models:

  • Fonera 2.0g (FON2202): this model is not supported by our current platform, which means your unit might be able to provide the Fon service, but not entirely, or not at all, due to the fact that no maintenance is performed on the old platform.

No support documentation is available, so if you wish to configure yours, you should follow similar guidelines, such as the ones provided for Fonera 2.0n (Fonera 2.0g).

  • Fonera UK (FON2201C-UK) and Linksys: these models are not supported by our platforms anymore, which means none of them can be configured to use the Fon service. However, you can still use your Linksys as a regular router.
  • Fonera Simpl Japan (FON2405E, FON2412J, FON2601): For any support request, please visit this page

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