Connect to a Fon Spot

To be able to connect to a Fon Spot as a Subscriber, you need:

  • A WiFi capable device with a web browser and access to the app stores (i.e. smartphone or tablet). 
  • Fon WiFi app through which you purchase a subscription.

Fon Spots are created by Foneras and Fon ISP partner routers. They always contain the word "Fon" for example: 

  • in Belgium: PROXIMUS_FON
  • in Brazil: Oi WiFi Fon
  • in France: SFR WiFi FON
  • in the Netherlands: KPN Fon
  • in Portugal: "FON_ZON_FREE_INTERNET" and "NOS_WIFI_Fon"
  • in South Africa: @MWEB Fon
  • in all other available countries: Fon WiFi, FON_FREE_INTERNET, Fon_xxx.

The app will connect you automatically to Fon Spots when in range. If this doesn’t happen and the map shows that you’re close enough to one do the following:

  1. In your phone settings, open your WiFi networks.
  2. Choose a Fon or a Fon partner network (see list above)
  3. The application will detect the network and will sign in. You’ll receive a notification once you’re connected.

If you want to stop the app from autoconnecting, there is a button to switch the connectivity tapping the On/Off button, in the Map view.

On the contrary, if your iPhone/iPad won’t autoconnect, inside the app enter the Menu, enter the Help section. Inside the Help section go to the question mentioning Autoconnect. Tap on the link and the profile will take you to a webpage which will reinstall the profile.

If you want to check the Fon Spots coverage, check its embedded map. If for any reason you can’t use the app, you can check the Fon Maps.

If you wish to disconnect from a Fon Spot, simply disconnect from the WiFi Signal or switch off your device. There is no need to log out.

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