Payment issues


Purchase process not completed

If you obtain a blank page after inserting your payment details, or the purchase process is interrupted or gets stuck, or you get an error message similar to "An error has occurred. Please try again.", it means a payment error occurred. This can be caused by an unstable hotspot, providing a not so reliable quality of service.

Due to this instability, even if you get an error, it is possible that the purchase actually went through. This being said, if you are unable to check it with your payment method provider right away (because you don't have an alternative internet connection), Fon offers three alternatives in order to figure it out:

  1. Try to log into the hotspot with your credentials (email and password used during the purchase): if you can log in, it will mean the purchase went through and you can enjoy your access; if not, it will likely mean the purchase didn't go through
  2. Log into your userzone, where you can check your credit (your credentials are the email and password used during the purchase)
  3. Get in touch with Customer support team clicking here and filling out the information required below, in order to verify the status of your purchase. The information to be provided is the following: date and time of the attempt, from which country, which payment method was used, which email address (username) was inserted and what's your complete name. And, depending on the payment method used:
      • if you used a PayPal account, please provide the PayPal account email address, and the PayPal transaction ID and Invoice ID included in the PayPal purchase confirmation email (if possible)
      • if you used a Amazon Payments account (only applicable to purchases made in the UK), please provide the Amazon payments email address, and the Amazon Order Ref. ID and Transaction ID included in the Amazon Payments purchase confirmation email (if possible)
      • if you used a credit/debit card, please provide the credit card number (providing your complete credit/debit card number is not insecure as long as you do not communicate the expiration date and CSV code)

In case of purchases made using SMS (only applicable to 1 hour pass purchases), please get in touch with our mobile payment platform provider, Boku, answering the confirmation SMS received on your mobile phone, or clicking here.

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Duplicated payment

In some cases, it is possible to receive the confirmation email for the same purchase multiple times. This doesn't mean that you were charged multiple times, but only that an error occurred which generated more than one confirmation email.

This can be verified easily, simply comparing the transaction numbers included in the emails received:

  • if the transaction numbers are identical, it means that the confirmation emails are duplicated and can be ignored 
  • if the transaction numbers are different and you meant to buy only one product, please get in touch with Customer support team clicking here, and providing the corresponding information detailed above, so we can further investigate

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Fraud suspicion alert message

The message "Fraud suspicion" is programmed to appear automatically after 3 successful or failed purchase attempts in a short period of time. This security system is implemented by our payment providers in order to prevent a possible fraudulent use of your card and/or multiple charges

Unfortunately, there is no option to unblock the situation. In order to be able to buy a pass, you will have to wait 24h, from your last purchase attempt.

Sometimes, when the hotspot you're connected to provides an unstable quality of service, even if you insert correctly your payment details the communication with our payment system will not go through, which will end in a failed attempt. As this will certainly lead you to make several attempts, this is an important factor to consider.

However, you can contact Customer support team freely should you require further assistance, simply clicking here.

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Fraudulent charge

Previously to confirming that you were charged for fraudulent purchase, it is important to discard that none of your relatives did. This is why we recommend you to check this first, whenever you verify that a purchase was made using your payment details.

If your payment details were indeed used by a third party to purchase one of our products without your previous consent, it will surely mean you've been a victim of fraud.

Unfortunately, please note that:

  • All the financial transactions are processed by our online payment partners (RBS Worldpay, Barclaycard, PayPal, Amazon Payments), who safely store payments information
  • Data protection applies to any user account

For these reasons, we will not be able to provide you with any information about any possible fraudulent purchase. Indeed, Fon will be able to share information exclusively with the proper authority of your country, within the framework of an investigation.

This being said, you will have to pursue the following two actions

  • report the fraud to the Police in order to ask for an investigation to be opened
  • report the fraud to your payment method provider in order to request a full refund of the fraudulent charge and secure your payment details

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