My computer connects to a Fon Spot instead of my home network

This occurs when the automatic WiFi settings on your device are giving priority to a connection to a Fon WiFi signal over your own router's WiFi.

Here's how to solve this for:

If you're using other WiFi connection software, check the user documentation. 


Windows Wireless Auto Configuration

If you have connected to a Fon Spot in the past, it might have been automatically added to the list of your preferred wireless networks.

  • Double click the 'Wireless Connection' icon from the System Tray. 'Note:' If the wireless connection icon is not available in the System Tray, click 'Start > Control Panel > Network Connections', double click on the 'Wireless Network Connection'.
  • The following window appears. Click 'Properties'.
  • Click 'Wireless Networks' tab.
  • When you switch on your computer, it attempts to connect to the networks listed in the order they appear. So if Fon (i.e. Fon_WiFi) is higher in the list than your home network and both wireless networks are in range then you will be automatically connected to the Fon Spot.
  • To get around this issue move your home network so it is higher in the list than Fon (do this by selecting your home router's WiFi in the list and clicking on the 'Move up' button until it is above Fon) or remove the Fon entry if you no longer require it (select the Fon WiFi signal in the list and click on the 'Remove' button). 
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Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

All you need to do is get your Apple device to forget the network. Do this by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Selecting 'WiFi'
  • Press the arrow next to the Fon network
  • Select 'Forget this Network'
  • Set Auto-Join to 'OFF' 

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