All you need to know as a Sharing member

  1. About Sharing members
  2. About Fon Spots
  3. About the Fon for members app


About Sharing members

Sharing members are Fon members who share their broadband connection and in turn get free access at millions of other Fon Spots worldwide. There are 2 ways to become a sharing member:

  • As a Fon ISP partner customer (the list of our partners is available here),
  • As a Fonera owner.

To get free access to the Fon network, you will have to detect a Fon Spot and log in with your credentials. As a Fon ISP partner customer, your credentials will be the same as your ISP user account's; and as a Fonera owner, it will be the email address and password used for the registration of your Fonera.

If you have any doubt on what credentials to use, please click here.


About Fon Spots

Fon Spots are created by Foneras and Fon ISP partner routers.

They always contain the word "Fon" for example: 

Fon Spots worldwide can be located in advance using our Maps

To be able to connect to a Fon Spot you need:

  • A WiFi capable device with a web browser i.e. laptop, smartphone or any other WiFi device which has a browser. 
  • A Fon account of some sort.

At the same Fon Spot you can connect using more than one device at the same time, depending on the network (partnered Fon Spots in Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece and Germany are limited to one connection per Fon account). However, at different Fon Spots it is not possible to connect using the same account at the same time. To get more information about these limitations, please get in touch with your ISP.

If you are not using the Fon app, you will be required to login each time you connect to the internet through a Fon Spot. However, we recommend that you mark the "Remember me on this computer" checkbox. If you wish to disconnect from a Fon Spot, simply disconnect from the WiFi Signal or switch off your device. There is no need to log out.

Next step: click here to know how to connect to Fon in a specific country. 

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About the Fon for members app

The Fon for members app is Fon's own designed app to optimize your connection experience while you are out and about.

The Fon for members app (available for iOS and Android) automatically connects Fon members to the Fon network. Complementing this main functionality, the Fon for members app also features information about the network as well as an embedded map to locate hotspots on the go.

    1. About the app
    2. Initial Setup
    3. Functionalities and settings


1. About the app

The Fon for members app for iOS is designed to work on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The minimum OS version is iOS 6.0. The app is also designed to run on any Android device from version 2.2 onwards. The app is available for free on the AppStore and Google Play.


IMPORTANT: the Fon for members app is not available in all countries and a co-branded version of the app is available in:

  • Portugal: NOS wi-fi (AndroidiOS)
  • Belgium: Proximus Wi-Fi Hotspots by Fon (Android), Wi-Fi Hotspots (iOS)
  • Greece: OTE Fon (Android / iOS)
  • Poland: Netia Fon WiFi Access (Android), NetiaFon (iOS)  

The user experience is the same as for the Fon for members app. Only the design is different.

Note: If you were using your ISP dedicated connection manager app (not the co-branded) and you travel, you will need to download the Fon for members app to connect to Fon Spots in other countries (not available in Portugal, Belgium and Greece).

If no app is available in your country, you will have to connect manually to Fon Spots. For this, please click here and choose the corresponding country.

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2. Initial Setup

After installing the Fon for members app, the first time you use it, enter your account details. Your credentials will be securely stored.


  • On Android: once your Fon account details are saved, you will see the Map, and you will be ready to connect to hotspots automatically. If WiFi is not enabled, you'll be asked to do so.

  • On iOS: The app will then try to install a profile. Click on "Install Profile" to install it and connect seemlessly to the Fon network.

The app will open a webpage to initiate the installation. Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Once the Configuration Profile is installed, go back to the app. 

Back in the app, complete the app setup, choosing the way you want to receive notifications and whether or not you want your device to automatically connect to nearby hotspots.

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3. Functionalities and settings

From the menu (available through the upper-right corner button), you can access the app's main functionalities:

Additionally, you can access your Facebook, Twitter,  Google+ and Fon accounts. 




This is the main view.

In this section it is possible to locate the nearest hotspots. When the Map view is opened, the App tries to get the location from your device, showing a blue dot when it gets it. Then, it will load the closest hotspots from Fon Maps, showing them in the map. You can zoom- in and zoom-out, and move around the map to see additional hotspots.

To prevent overloading the device with a large number of hotspots, the number of hotspots that are shown is limited. As you zoom in, more hotspots are shown, until all of them are visible.

GPS does not have to be enabled for the hotspots to be shown.

You can also search for hotspots using the search box. The results of the search are shown in a list, and when you choose one, the map will locate to that place, showing the nearest hotspots, if any.  


The lower area of the view shows your connection status. There are four connection states:

  1. No Internet connectivity
  2. 3G connectivity
  3. WiFi (non-Fon) connectivity
  4. Fon connectivity

If you swipe this area up, you will be able to use the QoS feature to check the quality of the WiFi network you are connected to. Depending on the quality of the signal one or more symbols will be filled, meaning that the connection is good enought for:

  • Email checking
  • Internet browsing
  • Audio streaming
  • Video streaming


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My profile

In this section you will have access to your account details (email and password).

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  • Autoconnect: If selected, the device will try to connect automatically to hotspots available in the vicinity.
  • Enable notifications: If selected, the App will show notifications when it connects to a hotspot or in case of an error.
  • Ringtone: It allows you to select a ringtone for the notifications.
  • Vibrate: If selected, the device will vibrate when connected to a hotspot.
  • Mute: If selected, the notification ringtone will not play.

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Usage statistics

In this section you can check your device's data usage statistics by connection type:

  • 3G/4G
  • WiFi/Fon

The graph will show your data usage since your last reboot (even if the app was not installed yet at that point).


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My Hotspots

In this section you can access all hotspots and areas you have previously saved for offline viewing and navegation (a compass will show the direction and distance where the nearest hotspot is located).

From the Map view (when your device is connected) save the hotspots shown on the map and give a name to the area.



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In this section you can access a step-by-step guide as well as the FAQs.


Note: if you have difficulties using the app, please click here to go to the troubleshooting instructions.

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