Sharing member in Belgium

The Fon network in Belgium is formed by Proximus Fon WiFi hotspots, to which Sharing members can connect for free. 

You are considered a Sharing member when:

  • you are a Proximus subscriber with the Fon service enabled on your router (check credentials here)
  • you are a Fon ISP partner member with the Fon service enabled on your ISP router (check credentials here)
  • you have an active Fonera (your credentials correspond to the email address and password used during the registration of your Fonera)

To get access to our network:

  • Look to see if a WiFi signal "PROXIMUS_FON" is in range of your device and if so, connect to it.
  • Open your web browser and wait for the Proximus Fon login page to load. If it doesn't, type any web address, i.e. "" into your browser's address bar.
  • Log in with your username and password.

Once logged in, your session will start. 


  • if you have difficulties completing this process, please click here to go to the troubleshooting instructions.
  • in order to avoid logging in manually (each time you want to connect to a Fon Spot), we recommend you to use the Fon for members app.

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