Logistics and fulfillment

conf The manufacture and sale of Foneras has been discontinued since 2015.

The only available alternative to enjoy all the benefits of the Fon Community as a sharing member is to subscribe directly to any of our telco partners. They are listed by countries at this page.

If you are not willing to change your ISP, you can also enjoy the Fon network as a Visitor and buy easy access via our WiFi passes or by downloading the Fon WiFi app.


How do I return my Fonera under warranty?

To return your Fonera please contact Customer Care submitting a ticket providing:

  • reason of the return
  • invoice number
  • email address used to place your order.


Do I have to assume the shipping cost if I return my Fonera?

The return of an old damaged unit under warranty implies that you will have to assume this cost.


Fonera Warranty Summary

The Fonera has a 2 year warranty which begins at the time you receive your unit. For more information, please see the Fon General Purchase Terms here.


Payment issue: PayPal purchase cannot be completed

Please note Fon products can be purchased only in euros and US dollars. If your PayPal account default currency is different, it will create a conflict and you will not be able to issue the payment. 

To solve this issue, please simply follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click Money at the top of the page
  3. Click Manage Currency
  4. Choose the currency to make Primary (€ or US $)
  5. Click Make Primary

Once done, you should be able to issue the payment normally.


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