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Are Foneras and Fon Spots secure?

Unlike other WiFi routers, Foneras split the WiFi signal, creating a private secure network for the owner and a second network (a Fon Spot) which other Fon members in the vicinity can use. Splitting the WiFi signal creates a security advantage for our members since only the owner can access his/her private network while other Fon members and visitors can't. They will be able to surf through the Fon Spot without puting the owner's privacy at risk.



Fon ensures a safe internet connection by creating two WiFi signals you can trust. The private signal, called 'MyPlace' by default on Foneras, is encrypted and authenticated and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the owner. The second WiFi signal is for the public, called 'Fon_WiFi' by default on Foneras, but it's not open. It's accessible only to registered Fon users and/or friends of the owner by signing in with their account (it is a Fon Spot). Fon encrypts account details during the login.

And, because you only share a little bit of your WiFi, you won't even notice when others are connected. For extra security, we recommend you use https://www. instead of http://www. whenever you use the internet.

Everyone who connects to a Fon Spot must be registered with Fon and must accept Fon's terms and conditions. We adhere to local and national internet access requirements, so if anyone tries to do anything illegal with your internet connection, we block them.

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Will my Internet speed be affected by sharing?

It is very unlikely you will ever notice when others are connected to your Fonera's or Fon router's public WiFi signal. Most people use a very small percentage (2-10%) of the bandwidth they have available, leaving plenty of bandwidth to share with others.


1) Foneras and Fon routers prioritize bandwidth in favour of the owner.

2) Only registered (Fon) members can access the public signal making access more controlled.

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How can I boost my Fonera's WiFi signal?

There are several things you can try to improve your Fonera's WiFi signal. These are our favourites:

Move the Fonera off the floor and keep it as far as possible from walls and metal objects 

Where you position your Fonera can have a massive impact on signal strength. Metal, walls and floors make a mess of your router's wireless signal. The more of these obstacles your Fonera needs to overcome to reach your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), the worse the interference, and the slower your connection will be.

Change the channel

Wireless routers can broadcast across a number of different channels. Changing your channel can prevent interference with other wireless signals and improve your WiFi connection. You can change this using the online settings for your Fonera.

Update your network adapter's drivers

Hardware vendors are always upgrading and improving their wireless equipment to increase range and performance and most of those upgrades are free. Check for new firmware updates on your wireless adapter card's website. 

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