Internet access offered by the Fonera

When users detect and connect to your Fonera public signal, they will be able to get limited or unlimited access, depending on the login option used:

  Facebook friends Fon sharing members Other
Login with Facebook Unlimited access x 30mn access/day/device
Login with Fon x Unlimited access 30mn access/day/device


How do I link my Facebook account to my Fon account?

You will be invited to introduce your Facebook account details (email address) during the registration of your Fonera.

If your Fonera has already been registered and you skipped that step, you will just need to get in touch with us submitting a ticket including the MAC ID of your Fonera. This way we will unregister it and invite you to register it again completing this step.

Why do I need to share with Fon my list of friends on Facebook?

Friends list is how Fon knows who to provide quick WiFi access to. Sharing this information with Fon is secure. We won’t store or use this info for future purposes.

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