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Torrent Client Configuration

posted this on August 29, 2012 15:59

Torrent Client Configuration

Transmission.pngFonera 2.0 series features a torrent client which allows you to download files to the USB disk connected to your Fonera even when your computer is off. The client for the BitTorrent protocolimplemented in the Fonera is Transmission.

*Disclaimer: you should not download copyrighted material unless you have permission from the copyright holder to do so.

Before Getting Started


Install Torrent Client to USB Disk
  • You must connect a hard drive, as opposed to a flash drive (memory cards, pen-drives, etc.) to the Fonera in order to use the torrent downloader. Using a flash drive will dramatically decrease performance and may imply failures.
  • You mustn't use an NTFS formated hard drive to download torrents. Part of the temporary memory is stored into your storage device. Make sure to have followed the guidelines regarding USB storage use before proceeding.
  • Install the torrent client to your hard disk: click on Transmission's icon on the dashboard. Available disks will be listed. Click on the hard drive of your choice. The installation process takes about 2 minutes, then you will be able to launch the torrent downloader.

Torrent Downloader Basic Usage

Start/Stop/Resume Torrent Downloads


  • Whenever you plug a USB disk onto which Fonera's torrent client is installed it will be listed under the torrent menu. Click on the Startup icon of the installation of your choice to start the corresponding transmission installation.
  • From the same menu, at any time, you can click on the Shutdown button to stop the torrent client. Note that you will have to do so if you want to safely disconnect your USB disk.
  • To resume downloads you will just have to click on the Startup button again.
  • When a USB disk with ongoing downloads is plugged to the Fonera, the torrent client is automatically started and downloads are resumed. Same happens if the Fonera reboots unexpectedly, in the case of a power failure for example.

Add Torrent Downloads


  • Paste download link of the .torrent file into the link area. eg: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent as shown on the screenshot.
  • You may apply bandwidth limits before clicking on the Submit button.
  • Download progress and speed will be displayed on this same page. You are as well able to pause or cancel downloads from there.

Retrieve Completed Downloads


  • When clicking on the Downloads button the content of the torrent folder of your USB disk will be displayed. You will be able to retrieve each file by clicking on its name: your web browser will offer you to download it to your local computer.
  • You may as well retrieve downloaded files using the Fonera's FTP server or windows network share protocol.

Torrent Downloader Advanced Usage

Access Transmission's Web Interface


Username is fonero and cannot be changed, the password is the general password of your Fonera, the one used to access the dashboard. Default one is admin.

  • To access transmission's web interface you may click on Transmission WebUI button from Fonera's torrent menu.
  • To go straight to transmission's web interface, while connected to the Private Signal or from a LAN port of the Fonera, you just have to browse http://fonera:9091

Access Transmission's Web Interface from WAN


While connected from the WAN side of your Fonera, you may access transmission's web interface only if you have enabled Torrent access from WAN in Settings >> Firewall >> Application. Then if your computer is connected:

Additional Usage


  • Transmission's web interface provides additional features such as loading .torrent files from your computer hard drive or changing incoming TCP port (default one is 51413). See transmissionbt.com for a full list of features.
  • If you use Firefox as a web browser you may add new torrents or check their states using Fonera Downloader, a Firefox add-on developed by FON.
  • You can also use the Transmission Remote GUI which will give you more control options over the Transmission client emebedded in Fonera 2.0n/g. Transmission Remote GUI is faster and has more functionality than the build-in Transmission web interface. This software can be downloaded from here. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. A client for Symbian s60v3 is available here


Do I need to open a port on my broadband router to use Fonera's torrent client

You can download torrents fine when ports on your broadband router remain closed. Though on average you'll get faster speeds if you forward Transmission incoming TCP port (default one is 51413) from your broadband router to Fonera's WAN IP (The WAN IP of your Fonera is displayed on its dashboard). Check your broadband router's documentation to perform this task.

Torrent downloads are quite slower than what I'm use to

Fonera are less powerful than regular computers so torrent downloads will be slower. Though you must make sure that you are using a hard drive as opposed to a flash drive (pen-drive, flash card, etc.) when downloading torrents. Part of the temporary memory is stored to the USB disk when downloading with torrent, using a flash disk will dramatically decrease performances and might imply unexpected crash.

Why can't I use an NTFS formated hard drive to download torrents

Beside performing badly within a linux environment (Fonera runs linux), the NTFS filesystem doesn't not support some functionality needed for our implementation of the Transmission torrent client (loop devices relying on mmap(). You may check USB storage usage page to choose the filesystem that suits you best.

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