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Internet Connection: WiFi and WiFi Bridge Mode

posted this on July 04, 2012 20:00

WiFi Mode

WiFi Mode allows your Fonera to access the internet using an existing wireless signal*. i.e. you don't have to plug your Fonera's internet/WAN port any more, the only cable needed is the power supply's one. It is really important not make any typo when configuring your Fonera in this mode:

  • SSID: Name of the WiFi signal to which your Fonera will be connected. 
  • Authentication: Type of authentication used by the WiFi signal to which your Fonera will be connected.
  • Passphrase: Password used by the WiFi signal to which your Fonera will be connected.
  • Type: Chose DHCP if you want your Fonera to automatically get an IP assigned by the access point to which it is connected. Choose Static IP if you want to configure it yourself: more details on this page.
Use Scan now button to ease WiFi Mode configuration: As shown on the screenshot bellow, it will display the wireless signals in range of the Fonera. Clicking on Connect will automatically fill in the SSID and Authentification type fields. Then you just need to write down the Passphrase used on the signal you want your Fonera to connect to.



You can confirm that your Fonera is able to connect through the wireless connection by checking its dashboard. The Internet connection section should be similar as bellow:


WiFi Bridge Mode

WiFi Bridge Mode allows your Fonera 2.0n to bridge your home network with the Fonera one, allowing for easy access to all your devices from both networks. Basically, the devices connected to your Fonera will be treated as if connected to your local network. They'll get IP from your main modem/router if it's set to allocate IP through DHCP. Bridge mode is available for the Fonera 2.0n only (firmwares and above).

To setup WiFi Bridge Mode, you just have to follow the WiFi mode instructions above, and refer to the Bridge Mode instruction page if you need help with the IP settings.

* This mode comes with no warranty, many factors could prevent the Fonera to connect to an existing signal. This mode is only available within the developer version of the firmware.

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