What is PPPoE mode?

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PPPoE mode

When does this apply?

Visual symptoms: After plugging in the La Fonera and waiting for more than 45 minutes only the encrypted private 'MyPlace' signal appears. It's possible to connect with the signal, but there seems to be no internet connection.

By default, the Fonera is configured to work out of the box, when connected to a DSL router o cable modem (mostly provided by your ISP). Those devices normally provide dynamically (by DHCP) an ISP to devices attached to them.
Some ISPs do not provide a router, but a stand alone DSL modem. Some others configure the deployed router in 'Bridge' or 'Passthrough' mode. In all these cases, you have to "dial in" from your PC or notebook (most ISP use PPPoE, some PPTP - your provider can tell you more).
This authentication is realized with tools of your operating system or with a special software provided by your ISP. From the technical point of view it's the same.

If this description applies to you, you will have to configure the Fonera as follows.

Operating the Fonera in PPPoE or PPTP mode

  1. Plug the Fonera to the LAN port of your DSL or Cable modem using the Ethernet cable from the box (you can use any other standard Ethernet cable, if you need a longer one). If you have a Fonera+, please be sure you use the white LAN port (the black one is for non WiFi devices like PCs or network printer).
  2. After switching the La Fonera on, it takes a while (up to 3 minutes) until all the LEDs are on and green (La Fonera+: the LAN light will keep off and the power light is orange) and the 'MyPlace' WiFi signal appears. Please do not switch off the Fonera during the boot.
  3. When the WLAN LED is green, you should see the private 'MyPlace' signal in the WiFi manager of your PC.
  4. Connect to the 'MyPlace' Signal. The Fonera by default uses WPA encryption. Your WiFi network adapter has to support this type of encryption. When you connect the first time to the signal, you'll be asked to introduce the WPA key. By default this is the Fonera serial number. You will find it on the sticker on the bottom of the router.
  5. After you have connected to the WiFi signal, log in to the Fonera's Management Console.
    1. How to access the Fonera's management console: Connect to the MyPlace signal, open your browser and type and the console will be loaded.
    2. Log in. The standard username and password are admin/admin.
  6. At 'Advanced > Connection Settings' you can change the operation mode to 'PPPoE' or 'PPTP'. Chose the method your provider uses.
  7. Some text boxes appear. Fill them in with the connection data provided by your ISP. Save the changes.
  8. If all data is correct reboot the La Fonera (power cycle). Now the public "FON_..." signal should appear after a while.

Attention! This can take some time (up to 45 minutes). As the Fonera is connecting the first time to the internet, eventually new firmware will be loaded. This process may not be interrupted. The WiFi signals may disappear some times and the LEDs will go on and off.

As soon you see the "FON_..." signal in your WiFi network manager and you can connect and register the router. Please do this immediately as the router will be assigned to the first Fon member logging in at the captive portal (if this happens, you have to contact the support team).

Registering the Fonera (important!)

  1. Connect to the "FON_..." signal open your browser (IE,Firefox,Opera…) and go to any website i.e. www.wikipedia.org or enter http://www.fon.com as destination address.
  2. You’ll be presented with a Fon captive portal.
  3. Log in with your Fon account data (email and password you used to register to the Fon network) then you’ll see a form for you to register your access point.
    • Note if instead of a registration questionnaire you are asked to purchase Fon Passes please contact us to explain what is happening.  You will need to provide the MAC address of your Fonera (as printed on the bottom of the Fonera) and your Fon account (email).
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